martes, 11 de junio de 2013

Social Network 2.0 for Successful and Productive Women

Manage your 2.0 life with talent and turn it into a unique experience. Open up new ways for your business or develop a career, we provide tools to reach all your goals.

Unfortunately many women today are in situations that are not ideal for their professional development or to promote the growth of their personal business. They are frustrated with the lack of career opportunities and have limited resources to finance a business.

Everyone have Internet access.

But you as a woman are interested in this opportunity to improve your life, surely you're wondering which profile is needed to access important personal, professional and business support or what kind of knowledge you have to acquire.

Good News you don't have to be and expert you just need the right information and a great plan! This conference will give you what you need to know straight and simple to guide your plans to success.
If you are men and want to participate in such a fundamental event. NO PROBLEM! The only requirement is that you're a professional and your performance area is related to the female market.


7:00pm Registration and Complementary Glass of wine

7:30pm Conference

8:10pm Mix up and networking

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...Is going to be Fabulous!
The new affordable Urban Living option that will allow you to "Seize the Day"

The Speaker

The speaker of this conference is Diamela Atencio V: She is a Marketing Specialist and Advisor 2.0; with especial knowledge on: public relations, advertising, e-commerce, strategic management and organization of special events. Graduated from the Instituto de Empresa in Madrid; constantly updated with national and international training. Former President Venezuelan’s Online Communities Association and active member of the Spanish Association of On-Line Communities

1.- Want to do this a private event for your company or group? YES!
2.- Want to do this event in Spanish? YES!
3.- Want just one on one assessment? YES!

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