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Mortgage Rates/ Tasa de Interes para Hipotecas en USA

Wells Fargo

Current Mortgage Rates for ORANGE COUNTY, FL

How can I help you? I've included below a selection of current rates for a few of our many products. I'd be happy to discuss options with you and your client based on their particular needs.
Loan TypeMI TypeInterest RateAPR
30-yr fixed Conforming3.625%3.641%
15-yr fixed Conforming2.875%2.939%
VA 15-yr fixed2.875%3.079%

Loan TypeMI TypeInterest RateAPR
30-yr fixed Non-Conforming3.375%3.382%
15-yr fixed Non-Conforming3.125%3.145%
Information displayed is accurate as of 9/26/2016 6:40:26 AM (CT) and is subject to change without notice.
For information on the many other loan options we have available, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.


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This information is for real estate professionals only and not intended for distribution to consumers or other third parties. These mortgage interest rates are based upon a variety of assumptions and conditions. Mortgage interest rates displayed are for a single-family, primary residence and are based on a rate lock period of 60 days (90 days for non-conforming). Under certain circumstances, a 60-day (90 days for non-conforming) rate lock may not be available. Loan pricing can only be locked through a home mortgage consultant. Other restrictions may apply.
If this email was sent to you as an unsecured message, it is not intended for confidential or sensitive information.
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