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New! Temporary Payment Reduction Special

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New! Temporary Payment Reduction Special
Looking for ways that may help your buyers ease into their monthly mortgage payments? Consider the benefits of our temporary payment reduction option!
For example, during a one-year temporary payment reduction, the monthly payments are reduced during the first year of the loan. In year two, the payment amount increases to the full note monthly payment and remains at that amount through the remaining time of the loan. Here’s how the payment differences can benefit the customer:
1-0 temporary payment reduction comparison — Year 1 vs. Years 2+
Assumes a $320,000 loan amount at a note rate of 4.125%/4.101% APR
with buydown and 4.156% APR with no buydown
Year 1 Monthly
P & I payment
Years 2+ Monthly
P & I payment
First year
payment difference
1-0 Temporary
moves to full note
monthly payment amount
$180 less/month
$2,160 less first year
Standard Loan
with No Payment
Our current pricing special for the 1-0 temporary payment reduction is effective for purchase loans with rates locked February 24 through March 24, 2017! It is available for conforming/conventional, 30-yr fixed-rate loans with LTVs less than or equal to 80%. Interest rate is illustrative and rates change daily. Contact me for current rates. Also available for second homes!
Contact me today for more information!
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